Driving energy transformation

Our technology is proven across a wide range of mobility applications. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of zero emission solutions

Medium & Heavy-Duty vehicles

Our solutions accelerates the energy transition in medium & heavy duty transportation. We offer lightweight, durable and safe zero emission hydrogen and battery solutions for medium & heavy duty vehicles.

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Light-duty vehicles

Fuel cell electric vehicles provides light commercial vehicles owners, with long range and short refueling times.

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Hydrogen distribution

Our transportation modules with Type 4 composite light-weight design cylinders are the most efficient gas transportation system available worldwide.

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Hydrogen as a fuel source for bus fleets improve the air in our cities and the life of people living in it. We offer a flexible and customizable range of high-pressure cylinders systems perfectly suited for installation in buses

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Stationary storage

We offer innovative and customizable solutions for the entire hydrogen value chain. Our ground storage solutions can be installed behind the refueling station, with our Type 4 cylinders mounted inside or on top.



We combine maritime experience with extensive hydrogen storage expertise to provide a holistic approach to zero emission maritime solutions - both onboard the ship and at the port

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Replacing diesel trains with hydrogen-powered trains is a cost-effective way to decarbonize train lines and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It does not require massive track overhauls and can be achieved by retrofitting existing diesel trains.

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Hexagon Purus' technology combined with our world leading expertise in lightweight, reliable and safe high-pressure gas storage is being leveraged to support pioneering developments in space travel

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Enabling our vision by offering compressed overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV) for Aviation.

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Off-highway vehicles

Replacing traditional combustion engines with hydrogen fuel cell powered is crucial to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Hexagon Purus have participated in several pioneer projects that aim to understand how hydrogen can effecively replace traditional combustion fuels


Passenger vehicles

Our lightweight composite cylinders helps reduce vehicle mass and enhances handling and drivability for hydrogen powered light duty vehicles.


Vehicle integration

We offer high energy density battery storage, and fully integrated electrified accessory systems to deliver light, efficient and long range zero-emissions power for commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.


Refueling systems

We offer a variety of hydrogen refueling systems suiting different needs and use cases. With extensive experience in the development and production of customized high-pressure cylinder systems, we accompany our customers through the entire process from establishing requirements through to engineering and approval.

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We will find a solution that meets your needs

Our team of almost 600 highly-qualified professionals is strategically located to provide OEMs, dealers, and fleet operators best-in-class product development, manufacturing, service, and support wherever they are.

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