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Our transport modules deliver hydrogen from the production sites to the filling stations as well as to industrial clients

Lightweight high-pressure systems for hydrogen distribution

Our transportaiton modules with Type 4 composite light-weight design cylinders are the most efficient gas transport system available worldwide. They are used for the transport of compressed hydrogen or as ground storage solutions in modules with 250, 300 and 500 bar. Flexible sizes range from 10 ft up to 45 ft.


Key features for high-pressure systems for hydrogen distribution

Cost-effective - Largest transport capacity worldwide to reduced total cost of ownership

Modular & flexible - Flexible sizes ranging from 10 ft to 45 ft available as standard modules for industrial clients as well as for mobile refueling systems with cascade technology for refueling stations

Safe and reliable - We conduct extensive testing of the modules and their safety systems to ensure that people operating and working near our modules remain safe

Non-corroding – corrosion- and fatigue-resistant properties of Type 4 tanks lead to high cycle performance

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