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We believe that transparency and good communication throughout the organization promotes a better working culture. Reports from our employees and stakeholders are our most important mechanism to uncovering and understanding when things are not as they should be at Hexagon Purus.

Purpose of our Whistleblowing policy

• Encourage employees and business partners to disclose information regarding dishonest, fraudulent or illegal behavior or activities
• Protect complainants that report in good faith from retaliation under applicable laws
• Treat all parties to an investigation in a fair and equitable manner
• Ensure confidentiality throughout the process
• Take corrective and disciplinary action if wrongdoing is discovered

What should you report?

• It is the duty of all employees to report misconduct or suspected misconduct, including fraud, financial impropriety, corruption and bribery, money laundering or terrorist financing, environmental crimes, harassment, violations or potential violation of any applicable law or Hexagon Purus’ policies and/or procedures.
• If you see suspicious behavior, report your concern through one of the reporting channels.
• If asked to participate in an investigation, assist honestly and keep all information confidential.

What do you need to be aware of before reporting?

• An individual that reports suspicious activity is not responsible for and shall not investigate the activity or determining fault or corrective actions. Hexagon Purus will conduct adequate inquiries into the reported concern and instigate adequate follow-up actions.

Report concern

Hexagon Purus has established a "whistleblowing channel" through an external third party, Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS, which you may use as an alternative to internal reporting. To report a concern, send email to hpuruswhistleblowing@schjodt.com or contact via phone number:  +47 484 09 317.

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