Hydrogen infrastructure solutions

At Hexagon Purus, we are dedicated to being a driving force for a sustainable planet. As we collectively transition towards cleaner energy sources, hydrogen has emerged as a key energy souce to fight climate change. We offer flexible products for storage and transportation of hydrogen, paving the way for a seamless and sustainable energy transition.

Infrastructure products

Hexagon Purus high-pressure type 4 H2 cylinder

Compressed hydrogen storage cylinders

Composite storage solutions offer high durability and enable increased payload and large-scale storage and transportation.

45 ft container 11

Stationary storage

With pressure ranges from 200 to 1,000 bar, our containers are designed for applications as diverse as trailer filling stations, buffer storage, and fueling stations. From 10 ft to 45 ft, our flexible sizes ensure a customizable solution for different needs. Our bundles are a sturdy solution with high-quality welds and an easy-to-use control unit.

Mobile Refueler 350 bar 6

Refueling systems

Hexagon Purus offers a variety of hydrogen refueling systems suiting different needs and use cases. We have extensive experience in the development and production of customized high-pressure tank systems.

HPU 40ft low res

Distribution systems

Our transport modules with Type 4 high-pressure cylinders deliver hydrogen from the production sites to the filling stations as well as to industrial clients, with a modular design that combines maximum stability with low weight.

0 E8 A0499


Hexagon Purus high-pressure gas bundles were developed in 1993 in the legacy Wystrach business. The product has been developed over the years to improve it for users and today’s design boasts a robust steel frame, flawless weld seams, and a user-friendly control unit. It’s a lightweight, well-designed product that reflects the culmination of our combined experience and passion.

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