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Hexagon Purus battery systems

We offer high energy density battery packs and fully integrated electrified accessory systems to deliver light, efficient and long range zero-emissions power for commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Our battery packs offer industry leading gravimetric and volumetric energy density, enabled by our compact, patented, in-house module and pack design.

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Ours is the only pack in the industry that wraps around the chassis frame rails in a single unit to maximize the use of available space as well as provide simple serviceability. Our Accessory Module and Power Module are the remaining building blocks needed to complete the most compact, efficient and energy dense commercial vehicle platform available to the market.

Battery systems key features

Savings through simplicity – Fewer moving parts, and a focus on simple serviceability yield significantly lower maintenance costs

Smart charging capabilities – High Power DC fast charge when you need it and lower power (battery-life improving) charging when you can charge over night

Compact design - Our compact design means customers have more options – shortest wheelbase offering in the industry, most flexibility with body options

Clean and quiet – Zero emissions, and quiet: Perfect for urban and port applications

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