Refueling systems

Refueling systems for hydrogen mobility applications

We offer a variety of hydrogen refueling systems suiting different needs and use cases. With extensive experience in the development and production of customized high-pressure cylinder systems, we accompany our customers through the entire process from establishing requirements through to engineering and approval.

Mobile refueling systems

The mobile hydrogen refueling station is a flexible and mobile system that enables lower initial capital costs compared to fixed hydrogen refueling stations and allows for gradual build-up of hydrogen mobility fleets. The system can be modified to serve both on-road and off-road mobility.

Mobile Refueler 350 bar 1

Product family

• Hydrogen mechanical dispenser

• Mobile hydrogen refueling station (MHRS)

• Plug & Play Hydrogen refueling station 350 bar (PHRS-350)

• Plug & Play Hydrogen refueling station 700 bar (PHRS-700)

• Hydrogen refueling components - High-quality equipment for customized solutions

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