Hydrogen and battery electric mobility solutions

In the pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable transportation industry, our mobility solutions are a testament to our commitment to be a driving force for a more sustainable planet. Hydrogen and battery electric vehicles are already on the road, improving air quality and helping to combat climate change.

Hexagon Purus high-pressure type 4 H2 cylinder

Compressed hydrogen storage cylinders

Composite storage solutions offer high durability and enable increased payload and large-scale storage and transportation.

Cryoshelter tank lh2

Liquid hydrogen storage cylinder

We are currently developing an sLH2 tank system. sLH2 stands for subcooled liquid hydrogen and is designed for tank systems powering fuel-cell drives with ultra-low boil off rates and extended hold time cryogenic hydrogen storage.

Fuel Storage System - Bus - Hexagon Purus

Hydrogen fuel storage systems

Our hydrogen storage system with Type 4 cylinders is adapted to individual conditions in terms of storage amount, pressure level, space and positioning inside or outside the vehicle

Battery Pack2023 17 ratio

Battery systems

We have a strong value chain with battery systems that have our own module designs, are lightweight, have body building options and the shortest wheel base offerings

DSC 0028

Vehicle integration

We offer high energy density battery storage, and fully integrated electrified accessory systems for commercial medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

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