Zero emission maritime solutions

We combine maritime experience with extensive hydrogen storage expertise to provide a holistic approach to zero emission maritime solutions.

Creating solutions for zero emission shipping

Hexagon Purus is at the forefront of developing innovative hydrogen storage solutions with lightweight Type 4 composite cylinders that are ideal for maritime applications.

With our systems solutions for distribution and onboard hydrogen fuel systems, we can together with partners cover major parts of the maritime hydrogen value chain.


Pioneering zero emission technology

We have a strong track record from pioneering hydrogen fuel systems in the automotive industry. Now we are taking that experience to develop hydrogen fuel solutions for the maritime industry. All in close alignment with approval authorities

Flexible hydrogen fuel systems

Our hydrogen fuel storage system can be mounted on deck and/or below deck, in individual tanks or bundled in collective sections. We do also develop a swappable container solution as an attractive configuration for swift port handling and easy bunkering.

Type4 cylinder 3

Our core technology

In Hexagon Purus, Type 4 high-pressure cylinders is the core of what we do. With their corrosion resistance and long lifetime, the cylinders ensures our customers reduced operational cost and total cost of ownership. This make them ideal for maritime applications.

Hexagon Purus Maritime receives Approval in Principle from DNV

HPUR maritime

Maritime projects we are part of

Zero Coaster - illustration of concept idea
Hexagon Purus is part of the work package Zero Emission Compressed Hydrogen (ZECH) which is part of the ZeroCoaster project study coordinated by Vard, a major global ship design and shipbuilding company. This study aims to research, evaluate and present zero emission ship design solutions using alternative fuel systems
Utslippsfri arbeidsbåt for havbruk
Hexagon Purus contributes to the consortium of UBÅT (Utslippsfri Arbeidsbåt) for the fish farm industry. The group develops solution of production and distribution of hydrogen gas for maritime fuel, as well as refueling soluition and storage of hydrogen gas on board fish farm service boats. Resulting in zero emission range extender of electric propulsion system.
I Stock 1131345787 1
Hexagon Purus is part of the Hellesylt Hydrogen Hub, a consortium of leading players in the hydrogen field that on the development of a hydrogen production facility that can deliver hydrogen to ferries and cruise ships in the Geirangerfjord, as well as to other mobility applications.
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