WyStorage – High-Pressure storage solutions

The right system for every application: our WyStorage solutions are flexibly scalable and cover pressure stages of 200 to 1,000 bar. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including trailer refueling stations, intermediate storage, and storage for refueling stations. Depending on the desired application, we recommend either our WyStorage flex or WyStorage robust systems.

WyStorage Flex

Our WyStorage flex system is based on the tried-and-true WyBundle. It’s ideal for infrequent load changes or small variations in operating pressure.

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WyStorage Robust

Thanks to its compact design, this variant offers high storage capacity with a small footprint. This product range is ideal for frequent load changes and large variations in operating pressure.

Selected references

In every one of our projects, we attach great importance to designing, manufacturing, and installing our storage systems to meet the requirements of our customers. Here’s a selection of our projects to date.

WyStorage flex-System für Euromekanik (Schweden)

s part of a project managed by the Zero Emissions Hydrogen Turbine Center (ZEHTC) in the Swedish province of Östergötland, we developed a plug and play hydrogen storage solution for Euromekanik, a Swedish company specializing in gas, energy, and petrochemicals. The project demonstrates how a pioneering emissions-free and stable energy system can function. In addition to simple handling, development focused on creating a storage system that works reliably in the Scandinavian climate. The two 40-ft containers can store approximately 360 kg of hydrogen.
Further information – link to press release

Ref wystrach euromekanik

WyStorage flex-System für Home Power Solutions

Autonomous energy supply for single-family homes: Berlin-based Home Power Solutions (HPS) has turned this vision into reality. The company’s Picea system turns an existing photovoltaic system into a high-availability power station, comprising an energy center and a seasonal energy storage unit designed by Wystrach. Thus, the solar power captured in summer is converted into green hydrogen, which is then stored at up to 300 bar in 12er or 16er bundles until winter, when it used to generate electricity.

Ref wystorage flex

WyStorage flex-System für Energiedienst in Grenzach-Wyhlen

This power-to-gas facility in Grenzach-Wyhlen in Baden-Württemberg uses renewable power from the local hydroelectric power station and turns it into hydrogen by electrolysis. Some of that will be stored in a WyStorage flex system. The system is divided into three banks, each with 20 bundles of 18 cylinders, which can store hydrogen at up to 300 bar with absolutely no loss.

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