The WyRefueler is a plug and play hydrogen refueling station that was developed to serve small to medium-sized fleet systems. After a one-day installation on-site, the system is ready for commissioning. The system is equipped with smart controls and can be operated autonomously. By enabling the system to be monitored 24 hours a day, the remote control function provides an extra layer of safety and security. Once users have completed a training course, the system can be operated independently and intuitively during refueling without personnel.

A standout feature of the mobile tank system is its flexibility. One aspect of this flexibility is that other tank container (TC) and mobile refueler (MR) size combinations are possible. Depending on the desired storage capacity, the TC is available as a 20 ft, 30 ft, 40 ft or 45 ft MEGC. Hydrogen cooling is another option.

As well as refueling trucks, buses, and rail-bound vehicles with hydrogen, the WyRefueler is also suitable for refueling vehicles on construction sites, in ports, and at airports. The WyRefueler enables emissions-free logistics and intralogistics—and there is no limit to where it can be deployed!

For more information, please email wyrefueler@wystrach-gmbh.de.

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  • Stand-alone hydrogen refueling station
  • Discharging capacity of up to 360 kg/day (approx. 8–10 buses/trucks)
  • available 24/7
  • Integrated H₂ logistics concept thanks to disconnectable tank container
  • For use at depots as well as in public places
  • Suitable for small and medium fleets or as a backup solution
  • High safety standards for management and operation transportable
  • Wystrach service offers 24/7 remote maintenance
  • High availability (operates even when tank container is disconnected, emergency refueling function)
  • Optional: H₂ pre-cooling for fast refueling

• Plug & Play Hydrogen refueling station 700 bar (PHRS-700)

• Hydrogen refueling components - High-quality equipment for customized solutions

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Selected references

High availability, easy operation, and energy-efficient concept: the WyRefueler is already proving popular in practice. Here is a selection of references.

Deutsche Bahn

As a partner in the joint H2goesRail project, German rail operator Deutsche Bahn is trialing a green hydrail mobility solution. The system comprises a newly developed hydrogen-powered train together with a plug-and-play hydrogen refueling station. For the latter, Deutsche Bahn has chosen a solution from Wystrach. For further information please visit the project's website at H2goesRail: Hydrogen at Deutschen Bahn (deutschebahn.com)

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n the hydrogen cycle at the Bosch plant in Homburg, Germany, an electrolyzer produces hydrogen that will be used for production and mobility in the future. A Wystrach mobile refueling station is used to refuel the Fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen, which are used for plant traffic and production.

For further informations please visit Bosch hydrogen offensive: technology for climate-neutral factories and zero-carbon traffic (bosch-presse.de)

Bildquelle: Bosch

Projekt H2 Share

Funded by Interreg and coordinated by WaterstofNet, the H2Share project developed a hydrogen-powered truck. Selected fleet operators in Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands are testing this emissions-free vehicle. The WyRefueler provides reliable refueling wherever the truck is deployed.

Wystrach h2share1


One of the goals of the HyBayern Hydrogen Days event was to demonstrate
that hydrogen vehicles are suitable for everyday use. In addition to
various passenger car models, two buses with fuel cell powertrains were
also presented. It was the job of our mobile hydrogen refueling station
to reliably supply the vehicles with hydrogen.

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