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Work where others come to relax. The Lower Rhine region around Weeze offers first-rate recreation for young and old. Endless bike trails, idyllic lakes, and historic sites welcome those looking to unwind. Leisure parks, zoos, castles, and stately homes as well as festivals and concerts provide ample opportunity for exploration and entertainment. Weeze itself is remarkably family friendly. The town is home to various sports and social clubs and boasts easily accessible schools and kindergartens. The public zoo attracts animal lovers from the entire Kleve district. And anyone who wants to explore the river Niers can do so by boat from a landing stage in town. Situated on the Lower Rhine, Weeze offers a pleasant living environment with excellent recreation options.

Fun fact

With a population of not much more than 10,000, Weeze has its own airport! Originally, Weeze Airport was a Royal Air Force (RAF) base. Over the years, Weeze developed a special connection to the United Kingdom as a result. In 1990, the town even got a chance to welcome a royal visitor: Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II came to Weeze to thank the RAF members stationed there for their service. The entire 45-year RAF presence in Laarbruch took place under her reign. In Weeze, street names such as York Way or London Street still bear witness to this connection. Today, Weeze Airport is not only a popular point of departure for vacationers from the region but also a venue for big festivals such as Parookaville or San Hejmo.


Weeze is the ideal springboard for city excursions or a trip to the seaside. The metropolises on the rivers Rhine and Ruhr are easy and quick to reach, and even Amsterdam is only two hours by car. The long beaches of the Dutch Zeeland province are also a popular destination for a short vacation or a day trip.

Hexagon Purus in Weeze

Hexagon Purus in Weeze is a full-service provider of high-pressure storage and transportation solutions for hydrogen and other gases. Our portfolio encompasses stationary bundles, containers of all sizes, tank systems for trains, buses, and trucks, and storage solutions, e.g. for power-to-gas applications. In Weeze, we also develop and manufacture hydrogen refueling station solutions. In addition to in-house design and production capabilities, we offer end-to-end service packages for assembly, commissioning, and maintenance, and also provide support on approval matters. We provide excellent working conditions, comprehensive health and safety measures, and we treat one another with respect—business practices that we believe are part and parcel of our responsibility toward our employees. Our 240 highly qualified employees work for our customers with proficiency and passion, and a strong sense of team spirit underpins our drive to be international leaders in our field.

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