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Kassel is a delightful town located in central Germany. It is the cultural, economic, and administrative center of the northern region of the state of Hessen and amongst the greenest major cities in Germany. Kassel is an old city and was first mentioned in records as far back as AD 913, and today boasts numerous well-preserved historic attractions and points of interest. Despite having a relatively small population – just around 200,000 – the city offers numerous fun things to do. It hosts many cultural establishments, including some of the country's most important museums and galleries. Kassel has in fact one of the highest densities of museums of any city in Germany. Every five years, Kassel hosts the "Documenta", a world-renowned exhibition of contemporary art. The city is also home to many lovely palaces and parks. The most notable of these, the picturesque Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its 70m-high Hercules statue, beautiful English garden, two castles and amazing sunsets – the park is worth a visit any time of year. ”The water games” at the park is a must see. This impressive water show has been running for 300 years, the water cascades from the Hercules to the castle run solely by natural water pressure and covering about 2.3km on it’s way through the park.

Fun fact

Kassel is one of the major points along the “German Fairytale Road” a 600km tour dedicated to the life and works of folklorists, linguists and legal historians, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. The brothers Grimm lived here for more than 30 years, during which time they collected and revised more than 200 fairytales and began work on the first German dictionary.


From Kassel you can reach almost all German major cities in no time by train or car, Kassel is close to Frankfurt, Köln, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Berlin and Hannover. The surrounding area around Kassel is also worth a trip. If you like it quieter, the beautiful Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is a perfect day trip for a hike or a dive into the water on hot summer days.

Hexagon Purus in Kassel

At our Hexagon Purus site in Kassel, we produce and sell type 4 high pressure cylinders and systems for hydrogen storage, for both mobility and infrastructure. Our team's journey to “clean air everywhere” started with a handful of employees branching out from a large industrial group and have grown to our current team of more than 150 employees. Our team works within research and development, engineering, project management, production, quality management, operations, HR, finance and sales. The combination of our employees with invaluable experience, and drive paired with innovative new minds makes us an unbeatable team. Our values of integrity and drive and our open and welcoming culture significantly contribute to our success and continued growth. Our employees appreciate the exciting and varied tasks, and together we drive the energy transition from concept to production. We are thrilled to see our business and people growing together!

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