The city

Mesquite is a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area is the economic and cultural hub of Texas. With a population of over seven and a half million, it's the most populous metro in the southern United States and the fourth-largest in the US. The Dallas area boasts the highest annual population growth in the United States. The area is a dynamic industrial and economic powerhouse: if the metroplex were an independent economy, it would be the 20th-largest in the world with a GDP of over $620B in 2020.

With all of this growth and economic activity, it's no surprise the Hexagon Purus has decided to locate its battery-electric vehicle assembly facility here. Our Mesquite production building heralds an exciting new growth chapter for Hexagon Purus. We will be manufacturing battery packs and assembling them on zero-emission electric trucks, with an anticipated 250 members in manufacturing, quality, engineering, logistics and production.

The Surroundings:

A dynamic area in Texas, with modern skylines, a vibrant art scene and diverse culinary offerings. The city’s rich sports culture, home to iconic teams like the Cowboys and Mavericks, compliments its status as a business and economic hub. The area strikes a balance between urban innovation and natural beauty making it a compelling place that seamlessly blends tradition with progress.

Fun Fact:

Dallas boast a skyline with more 700-foot tall buildings than any other US city except for New York and Chicago.

Mesquite is known as the official rodeo capital of Texas, the event runs on weekends from June through to August.

Hexagon Purus in Dallas

With 200,000 square feet, our new facility in Dallas optimizes production and distribution efficiency for our complete line of battery electric heavy-duty trucks. We are preparing for production launch in September of 2024 and anticipating reaching a team size of near 250 employees by 2030. This facility significantly expands Hexagon Purus' vehicle integration capacity, supporting our commitment to shaping the future of sustainable transportation. Join us to be part of this exciting journey!

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